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My name is Christopher Salute and I am the person behind Bold Media. For several years, our team has worked toward bringing body positivity to the mainstream, cultivating groups to share personal stories, and developing a community of encouragement, which was always my intention. Instead, today, I must face the difficult position our community is in because of my own missteps.


Recently, there have been allegations made against me in my role at Bold. I want to take a moment to address the concerns and the actions we are taking to ensure everyone feels safe and secure in our community.


I want to begin by apologizing to the women whom I have caused pain. I did not understand the impact of my words in these social situations. I let the lines between personal and professional blur in conversations between, what I believed were, two consenting adults. For that, I am truly sorry. While many have asked for my side of the story, I will not be sharing these conversations as our interactions were personal and meaningful and should never be used to vilify anyone.


The allegations against me are concerning. While I will not use this platform to espouse all of the things I could have done better or did not do at all, I will use it to correct my behavior and create a safe environment. It is my intention to deliver the best version of myself. I did not seek out people to hurt them. I was however hurtful and for that I am deeply sorry. This mischaracterization is being further amplified as those in my personal life continue to field harmful messages for standing by me.


These interactions and others like them already set me on a course to correcting behavior, before this event occurred. But, I have learned a lot from this situation and am paying for my mistakes. I want to reiterate that I am sorry to the women I have caused pain and to the movement I have dedicated my life to. I am fortunate to have a strong support team both in and outside of Bold who will continue to educate me. I appreciate those of you who take the time to read this message. It comes with love. I hope this begins the process of healing for all involved.


Thank you, Christopher Salute


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